Formula F4S

Formula 4s

Engine HP: 60HP
Engine CC: 850CC
Engine Manufac.: Mercury
Hulls: Molgaard, Burgess, Hall, Gardin, Baba


This is a new class in the UK for 2013 and is the green alternative to the original F4 class. The classes will run together during the transition from F4 to F4s as the entry level Circuit catamaran class for drivers aged 14 upwards with no upper age limit.

The class has been running across the world the last 4 years and competitions are held at National, European and World level as well an additional support class at the world F1 series.

F4s Powerboat Racing uses a tunnel hull catamaran design of a smaller size to the F2 Powerboat but is capable of both high speeds and exceptional manoeuvrability. Due to their specially designed hulls, F4s boats are able to turn almost instantaneously making racing extremely exhilarating.

Using factory ‘standard’ engines where modifications are forbidden, the F4s Class keeps running costs to a minimum and produces close, competitive racing.

Most of the UK’s F2 drivers perfected their skills in the F4s class before going on to win at both National & International level.

F4s 14yrs +
Hull Material Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, Synthetic Fibre
Length 3.90m
Width 2.00m
Weight 350kg (including driver)
Engine Mercury 60EFI
Engine Capacity 995cc
Horse Power 60 hp
Top Speed 70mph
Max rpm 6200 rpm
Safety Features Reinforced Safety Cell, Deformable Pickles & Nose Cone.

imageKeith Whittle (Owner of Powertech Marine Ltd) 130mph Powerboat Crash and flip on Coniston Water, UK